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DEWALT XP™ MIG Weld Framing Hammer, 14 oz. (DWHT51138)


The 14 oz. DEWALT DWHT51138 XP™ MIG Weld Framing Hammer is made of steel for durability and long life. It features a magnetic nail starter for easy, one-handed nail placement. It also features a vibration absorbing grip to improve user comfort. The MIG weld can be used to both drive and remove nails.

  • DEWALT DWHT51138 XP™ MIG Weld Framing Hammer 
  • 14 oz. weight for faster swing and minimized fatigue
  • All-steel design for durability and long life
  • Magnetic nail started for easy one-handed nail placement
  • Vibration absorbing grip minimizes damaging vibrations and fatigue
  • Checkered face style for increased traction
  • Rip claw
  • 2" face diameter x 16" handle length