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Husqvarna K 770 Power Cutter

SKU 967682101
This power cutter is designed for cutting through thick concrete.
The Husqvarna® K 770 has semiautomatic belt tensioning and a heavy-duty cutting arm with a 3-bolt joint. A powerful all-round power cutter is ideal for cutting concrete and masonry in alteration, renovation, and new construction work. Used to cut smaller holes and adjust window and door openings as well as cutting curbstones and pavers in landscaping. Can also be used to cut pipes. Equipped with a 74cc gas engine with X-Torq®, SmartCarb™, Active Air Filtration™ system, plus dust handling and vibration and sound dampening systems to make the power cutter more convenient to use.
  • Semi-automatic SmartTension™ system minimizes the risk of under- and over-tensioning
  • Active Air Filtration™ System
  • 5 in. max. cutting depth
  • 14 in. max. blade diameter
  • 5 hp output
  • Use for: Asphalt; cast concrete; blocks, curbstones, and pavers; floors and walls; burying cables; rails; rescue cutting
  • Product No. 967682101