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An Overview of Atlas Copco Power Technique Equipment: Applications in Construction

An Overview of Atlas Copco Power Technique Equipment: Applications in Construction

A blue Atlas Copco sign on the site of a building

An Overview of Atlas Copco Power Technique Equipment: Applications in Construction

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Introduction to Atlas Copco

Atlas Copco stands as a trusted name in the construction equipment industry, backed by a long history of more than a century. The Swedish engineering firm provides a wide array of machinery and solutions that are integral to various operations across the globe. 

Atlas Copco’s Power Technique division is its construction equipment segment. It serves multiple industries, including construction, drilling, oil and gas, and petrochemicals.

From portable air compressors and generators to light towers and pumps, each product under this division is engineered to deliver unmatched performance. In this guide, we’ll discuss Atlas Copco’s Power Technique division, exploring its significance to the world of heavy equipment.

Atlas Copco's Power Technique Division

The Power Technique division of Atlas Copco includes solutions tailored for construction, industrial and energy applications. This division is differentiated from Atlas Copco's other divisions — such as the Compressor Technique, Vacuum Technique and Industrial Technique divisions — by its focus on mobile power, air, flow and light solutions. 

The division’s offerings include portable air compressors, generators, light towers and pumps. The equipment models are engineered to be rugged, easily transportable and capable of performing under challenging conditions, making them ideal for use on construction sites.

Fleets that carry a significant amount of Power Technique equipment are typically those involved in construction, oil and gas, mining and emergency disaster response. These fleets rely on the versatility and reliability of Atlas Copco's equipment to ensure uninterrupted operations under demanding conditions.

Power Technique Product Range

An Atlas Copco LF10 Oil-Free Air Compressor
Portable Air Compressors

Power Technique air compressors can power a wide variety of pneumatic tools, from handheld pneumatic drills to jackhammers. Compressor variations include small, towable units for light jobs to larger, truck-mounted models for extensive operations, with the XAS series being the most popular choice.

A pair of Atlas Copco portable generators

Atlas Copco's range of generators spans from compact, portable models ideal for quick and small-scale power needs to robust, industrial-grade generators capable of providing substantial power in remote and demanding environments. The QAS series generators are renowned for their versatility, offering easy transportation and fast set-up, making them a favorite for event organizers, construction sites and emergency power provision.

An Atlas Copco electric light tower with a yellow cover
Light Towers

The Power Technique line offers both electric and solar-powered light towers. Electric light towers, such as the HiLight series, feature powerful illumination and durability, while solar light towers offer the advantage of silent operation and zero emissions, perfect for construction sites and outdoor events.

An Atlas Copco PAS series dewatering pump

Within this category, Atlas Copco provides a variety of pumps, including centrifugal pumps for transferring large volumes of water and other fluids, and positive displacement pumps for specific applications requiring precise flow rates. The PAS series of centrifugal pumps is particularly popular for its high flow capacity and efficiency in dewatering and flood control operations.

A set of Atlas Copco controller tools
Small Tools

This range encompasses a broad spectrum of hydraulic, pneumatic and petrol-driven tools designed for specific tasks. From rock drills and breakers to compactors and concrete vibrators, these tools are engineered for precision, power and portability, catering to the needs of various construction and demolition tasks.

An Atlas Copco energy storage system
Energy Storage Systems

Power Technique energy storage systems are designed to store and deliver electricity on demand, providing a sustainable and efficient power solution for sites with intermittent power needs or as a complement to generators and renewables. These systems are typically used to reduce fuel consumption, lower emissions and provide emergency backup power.

Practical Applications of Power Technique Equipment

Portable Air Compressors

Atlas Copco's portable air compressors are perfect on construction sites for driving pneumatic tools such as rock drills, pavement breakers and nail guns. Their versatility also extends to field operations in mining for exploration drilling and in painting and sandblasting for infrastructure maintenance and refurbishment.


The generators from Atlas Copco provide power for construction sites, especially in remote areas without access to the grid. They are also crucial for outdoor events, offering reliable power for lighting, sound systems and catering needs. In emergency situations, such as power outages caused by natural disasters, these generators are deployed to restore critical services and operations.

Light Towers

Electric and solar light towers illuminate construction sites, enhancing safety and extending work hours into the night. They are also deployed for outdoor events. The solar light towers, with their silent operation and zero emissions, are particularly suited for urban construction sites and eco-sensitive areas.


Atlas Copco’s pumps, especially the centrifugal pumps, are widely used for dewatering in construction, tunneling and mining operations. They also play a critical role in emergency flood relief efforts.

Small Tools

The range of small tools, including hydraulic breakers, are essential for demolition work, concrete breaking and compacting. These tools are chosen for their precision, power and ease of use in urban redevelopment projects, highway construction and utility installations.

Energy Storage Systems

These systems are increasingly being used to complement generators on construction sites, providing a greener power solution by reducing reliance on fossil fuels and lowering emissions. They also serve as backup power sources during outages.

Maintenance and Repair

Atlas Copco underscores the importance of routine checks and services to not only safeguard equipment longevity but also to guarantee its reliability and performance. A proactive approach to maintenance involves adhering to a scheduled service plan that covers everything from simple inspections and fluid changes to more comprehensive system diagnostics and part replacements.

The EquipmentShare Shop offers an extensive range of OEM parts specifically designed for Atlas Copco's Power Technique equipment. This ensures that every repair or maintenance task is performed with parts that meet Atlas Copco's stringent quality standards.

Final Thoughts

The versatility and robustness of Atlas Copco equipment is unparalleled in the construction and industrial sectors. These tools and machines are designed to meet the immediate needs of a project and  exceed expectations in performance, reliability and sustainability.

For those looking to sustain their equipment's performance and reliability, the EquipmentShare Shop's catalog of Atlas Copco Power Technique parts and service kits can serve as an invaluable resource so your projects never skip a beat. Can’t find the particular part your equipment needs? Reach out to our dedicated parts experts and get personalized assistance. 

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