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Welcome to the EquipmentShare shop blog and content library, Building Blocks. Building Blocks is a collection of knowledge and information from our industry experts for all things heavy equipment parts related, produced for everyone from technicians to small fleet owners. Our curated content list is divided into four sections and is updated regularly with new articles and information with open access for all. If you want to receive regular reminders when new articles drop, sign up below:

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Conducting regular maintenance is the most effective way to preserve the quality of your machines. Keeping up with maintenance tasks will help ensure your equipment has a long lifespan. In this section, we'll discuss what you can do to keep your machines in good condition.


Man holding open a container of various seals and gaskets

Diesel Fuel Systems in Heavy Equipment: The Impact of Key Components

Man working on the undercarriage of a machine

Key Components of Heavy Equipment Undercarriage Maintenance

The inside of an air filter

How to Change the Hydraulic Filter in Your Heavy Equipment

An electric scissor lift

Battery Maintenance for Heavy Equipment: Best Practices for Longevity

An excavator with a smoke trail coming from the top

What Different Diesel Engine Smoke Colors Can Reveal


Two sets of excavator tracks

Why It's Important to Maintain Proper Track Tension

A piece of heavy equipment moving gravel using a hydraulic arm

Hydraulic Maintenance for Heavy Construction Equipment

A roller being driven down the driveway of a service yard

Maintenance Tips to Maximize Your Compaction Roller's Life

An aeria lift being used to clean windows on the side of a building

How to Care for Your Aerial Lift

A mini excavator digging a hole next to a building

5 Common Mini Excavator Problems and How to Solve Them

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Explore our Guides section and get detailed information on some of the most important heavy equipment topics. Get step-by-step instructions for frequent maintenance tasks. Plus, learn best practices for managing, operating, and preserving your equipment.


A rusty hydraulic device at the end of a piece of heavy equipment

How to Prevent Rust and Corrosion on Construction Equipment

Man filling up a fuel tank with diesel fluid

Diesel Fuel Storage for Construction Sites: Best Practices

Two track loaders leveling out dirt

The Best Equipment for Leveling Ground

A skid steer driving through dirt

Tire Types and Tread Patterns: How to Choose the Right Ones

A jackhammer attachment hammering through concrete

How to Reduce Construction Noise Pollution With Maintenance


A few pieces of heavy equipment moving debris around a demolition site

Demolition Essentials: A Guide to Selecting the Right Heavy Equipment

An upclose shot of a few hoses with worn sheaths from a fuel leak

How to Identify Specific Leaks in Heavy Equipment

Man filling up a piece of heavy equipment with hydraulic fluid

Industrial Lubricants and Fluids 101: Oils, Coolants & More

Flat bed truck moving a small piece of heavy machinery through a snow-covered drive with woods in the background

Heavy Equipment Storage: How to Prepare Your Fleet for Winter

A Takeuchi TL12 Skid Steer

Takeuchi TL12 DIY Filter Change

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In this section, we'll take a deep dive into the specific parts of your machine. We'll focus on individual components and answer questions about them in greater depth. Learn how specific parts play key roles in the performance of your fleet. And, gain a better understanding of how those parts work.


A piece of heavy machinery showcasing the treads which feature sprockets

The Crucial Role of Alternators in Heavy Equipment

An excavator arm rreacching over a pile of dirt

The Types and Functions of Springs Found in Construction Equipment

A quick coupler connecting the arm of a piece of heavy equipment to a bucket attachment

Utilizing a Pin Kit for Your Compact Track Loader

A skid steer driving through a service yard showcasing its undercarriage rollers

How Undercarriage Rollers Dictate the Performance of Your Equipment

An excavator arm digging in the dirt showcasing its pins and bushings

The Role of Pins and Bushings in Heavy Equipment


The hydraulic arm of an excavator digging out a hole

The Role of Hydraulic Cylinders in Construction

A hand wearing a blue glove reaching into a machine to check a hydraulic filter

Symptoms of a Clogged Hydraulic Filter

A close up of rusty fuel injectors

Symptoms of a Bad Diesel Fuel Injector

A close up of teeth on a bucket digging into the dirt

Bucket Teeth Basics: What You Should Know

An earth moving machine driving over flattened dirt

DEF Headers: What Are They and How Do They Work?

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