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An Overview of the Most Popular and Most Underrated Boom Lift Attachments

An Overview of the Most Popular and Most Underrated Boom Lift Attachments

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An Overview of the Most Popular and Most Underrated Boom Lift Attachments

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Introduction to Boom Lifts

Boom lifts, which help lift personnel to heights, serve a critical role on construction projects. They allow workers to safely reach high or otherwise inaccessible areas, providing a work platform for tasks like building maintenance, construction, painting and electrical work.

Although attachments for boom lifts are less common compared to other heavy equipment, several options are available that can enhance their capabilities. For instance, equipping a boom lift with a glass lifter transforms it into a system for installing windows, while a work cage attachment increases workspace capacity, allowing for more workers and tools.

These attachments not only increase the versatility of boom lifts but also offer economic benefits by reducing the need for multiple specialized machines. In this guide, we’ll cover some of the most popular attachments used with boom lifts, helping you get the most out of your machine.

The Most Popular Boom Lift Attachments

Boom lifts are widely used in a range of industries from construction to telecommunications. They are sometimes fitted with different attachments to expand their capabilities.


One popular boom lift attachment is the bucket. Buckets offer a safe and convenient elevated workspace for workers. They may come in various shapes and sizes tailored according to their respective applications. For instance, some are small and shallow for single operators while others are bigger for multiple operators. 

Certain buckets are insulated to provide extra protection for electrical workers, while others have tool trays or liners for added convenience. The safety features include safety harness anchor points, non-slip surfaces and guard rails. In terms of design, a typical bucket attachment is mounted directly onto the boom and mostly made of durable materials like steel.

Work Platforms

Work platforms are another popular attachment for boom lifts. These can hold one or more operators and their tools, providing a base that allows the worker to move around a bit more than in a bucket.

They may be rectangular or square and are commonly made of steel or aluminum. They come equipped with safety features such as guard rails, toe boards and anti-slip floor surfaces to prevent accidental falls. Some models include an inbuilt tool tray and lanyard attachment points for enhanced safety.

Material Handling Arms

Material handling arms are mainly used for lifting and moving materials. They consist of mechanical arms that can be extended and manipulated to pick up and transport objects. Some have an additional telescopic function for extended reach, and they are typically made of heavy-duty steel. They do not carry humans, so their design focuses on strength and durability rather than operator comfort. 

One key safety feature of material handling arms is the automatic locking system to prevent the accidental release of loads. Additionally, many have load sensors to prevent overloading, further contributing to safety.

Specialized Boom Lift Attachments for Enhanced Functionality

Some boom lift attachments function more like accessories which can be attached to buckets or work platforms. Here are some specialized boom lift attachments commonly found on construction sites.

Pipe Rack

A pipe rack serves as a safe and secure holder for tubes, pipes and other elongated materials. When circumstances require vertical transport of pipes, pipe racks can be firmly attached to the platform of a boom lift.

Tool Trays

Boom lifts often operate at great heights, so having all the necessary instruments within the operator's reach is crucial for the safety of the operator. Tool trays can easily be attached to the basket to keep various tools close at hand. This minimizes the risk of dropping tools from a height and saves time on climbing up and down to retrieve them, improving productivity and safety.

Attachable Welding Accessories

Attachable welding accessories are perfect examples of specialty attachments designed to cater to very specific tasks, such as welding. For instance, welding electrode holders or curtained welding shields can be affixed to the basket of a boom lift to create a stable welding station high up in the air.

Choosing the Right Boom Lift Attachment

While choosing the appropriate attachment for your boom lift, several factors need consideration. Firstly, it's necessary to consider the task at hand. Various tasks demand different boom lift attachments ranging from lifting hooks to work platforms and material buckets.

Secondly, it’s important to consider the lift capacity. The chosen attachment should not exceed the operational capacity of the boom lift. Since some boom lifts aren’t designed for very heavy loads, it’s critical to only use attachments that can be safely operated on your particular boom lift. 

Finally, adherence to industry standards and compatibility with the specific boom lift model is critical. It ensures safety, reliability and optimum performance. Be certain to only pick attachments that match the manufacturer's specifications to prevent potential mishaps or undue wear and tear on your boom lift.

Maintenance and Care of Boom Lift Attachments

Boom lift attachments, including couplers, can develop signs of wear and tear due to frequent use. It’s common to observe worn-out attachment points, visible rusting, loose or deformed coupler attachments and cracked or stressed metal parts. Couplers, which facilitate the connection between the boom lift and the attachment, may experience damage to their linking areas or exhibit locking issues, indicating wear and tear. 

Prevention is key in reducing premature wear of boom lift attachments. Regular inspections can help you spot problem areas before they get out of control. During inspections, focus on the coupler section, in which wear and prolonged use tend to cause issues. It's important to regularly clean these parts to prevent rust and corrosion. Regular lubrication of moving parts can decrease friction, helping to extend the lifespan of the attachment. 

Proper handling and operation of the boom lift is another important consideration. Overloading should be avoided as excessive weight can stress the coupler and other attachment parts, causing them to degrade prematurely.

Final Thoughts

Choosing the right attachment for your boom lift can significantly boost productivity and safety. However, regular maintenance is essential to prevent attachments from malfunctioning. A proactive approach can bolster operational safety and reduce downtime. The EquipmentShare Shop has comprehensive collection pages dedicated to boom lift parts and attachment components. Search our growing online catalog to get what you need shipped to your door. Can’t find what you’re looking for? Reach out to our parts experts and get personalized assistance.

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