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T3: The Operating System For Construction

What Is T3?

T3 is an all-in-one solution for your business to manage your employees, assets, materials, and more.

Why Do You Need It?

Get reliable, real-time insights to streamline operations and make better data-driven decisions to reduce waste and maximize profit. Save Time. Save Money.

So why T3?

T3 powers EquipmentShare’s operations across thousands of employees and hundreds of thousands of assets. This isn’t a piece of software designed in an office by people who have never been on a job site. We use it every day–so we know it works in practice, not just in theory.

Work Orders

Streamline service and communications for your machines. Go digital to reduce diagnostic time and cut down on downtime. Get equipment back to work faster.


Plan for jobs and proactively manage your inventory. Stay ahead of your customers’ needs by streamlining intake and parts order workflows with a complete inventory view.


Pull all data points from the jobsite and construction workflows to develop user-friendly reports. Make data empowered decisions with digestible information.


Advanced construction telematics that connect over the road and off highway, as well as tools and machines. AI-Equipped T3 Dash Cams with facial recognition* help you safeguard your fleet.

Rent ops

Deploy machines with a simple, yet intelligent workflow. See how each one impacts your business. Schedule pickups, drop-offs and transfers to maximize utilization. Make intelligent choices about equipment ownership and rental.


Manage schedules and overtime, as well as increase overall team productivity to restore visibility to your jobsite. Tie your team’s time to tasks such as work orders and hauling equipment on the road, which can also help you bill accurately for labor time.


Meet ELD compliance while ensuring drivers are safe on the road through on-demand and accessible digital reports. Drivers can also submit DVIRs to report maintenance issues.

Our premium plan runs about $30 a month per asset, but we have other plans available so you can find one that works within your budget. With how much time and money T3 will save you, deciding to join has never been so black and white.

Ready For An Upgrade?

What Can T3 Do For You?

Here’s what a few of our customers had to say about the value T3 brings to their business.


T3 saves us around 60 hours a month.

Fire Protection Systems, Louisiana


We save 15 hours a month using T3 to track our machines and assets.

General Contractor, Missouri


T3 saves us a few days each month by pulling reports that were otherwise done by hand and tracked by email and phone.

Utility Contractor, Idaho