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Takeuchi TL12 DIY Filter Change

Takeuchi TL12 DIY Filter Change

Today, our expert technician Daniel will show us how to service a Takeuchi TL12 skid steer. This includes changing the oil and replacing the used filters.

Each kit comes with one oil filter, two fuel filters and an oil drain tube.
  1. Open the panel behind the left track of the machine to find the battery and disconnect it. Remove the bolts on the hood and open it. Then, remove the bolts from the cab and prop it open. Make sure to slide in the lock bolt to keep the cab secure before proceeding.
  2. Find the machine’s three filters under the cab and clean them off with a rag. They are placed in a cluster together, so it’s very important that you know the difference between the filters.
  3. Use the new oil filter as a reference to identify which used filter is for oil. Gently unscrew it, being careful not to spill the oil. Once it’s removed, safely dispose of the oil in a pan. Grab a small amount of oil from the used filter and apply it to the gasket of the new filter to prevent tearing. Screw the oil filter into place.
  4. Take one fuel filter and match it to the used filter. Remove it with a filter wrench, making sure to catch as much excess fuel as you can with a rag. Lubricate the new filter with a small amount of fuel and attach it to the machine.
  5. Repeat the previous step with the second fuel filter.
  6. Return to the front of your TL12. You can quickly inspect the machine’s belts and radiator to make sure they are in working order. Find the oil drain panel on the undercarriage, then remove the two bolts holding it in place and slide it open to reveal the valve and drain plug.
  7. Take the oil drain tube in your kit and return to the undercarriage. Remove the drain plug, line up the drain tube, then screw it into place. Allow all the oil to drain into a pan. To speed up the process, you can remove the cap to the oil tank, which you can find next to the radiator.
  8. Locate the air filter in a large case under the hood of the machine. Remove the cap and take out the used air filter. Replace it with the new air filter and push it in to secure it. Then, reattach the lid to the case.
  9. Now that the oil has drained, replenish the oil. Your manual will indicate how much oil you should use.
  10. Reattach the bolts to the radiator and close the front of the skid steer. Take a flashlight and give the area under the cab one last check, then lower the cab and secure it. Finally, reconnect the battery to the terminal and close the panel in front of it.
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