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Takeuchi TL8 DIY Filter Change

Takeuchi TL8 DIY Filter Change

We visited our service technician Daniel for an on-the-job demonstration on how to install a new filter kit.

How to Change the Filters in a Takeuchi TL8:
  1. Check that the battery is off before working on the machine.
  2. Find the filters: you’ll find the oil filter near the undercarriage, the two fuel filters under the cab, and the air filter next to your radiator.
  3. Remove the bolts and the hinge from the radiator and swing it open. This will give you better access to the oil filter.
  4. Remove the underguard and use an oil tube to drain the oil. You can also open the oil caps to help it drain faster.
  5. Use a filter wrench to remove the old oil filter. Make sure to avoid spilling the oil inside and properly drain it once removed.
  6. While the rest of the oil drains, lift the cab and hold it in place with the safety lock. Use your filter wrench to remove the two fuel filters, being careful not to spill any fuel left inside.
  7. Now that the oil has drained, take a rag or paper towel and wipe down the contact surface for the oil filter. Take a small amount of oil and rub it along the sealant to prevent tearing.
  8. Place the fresh filter in its contact spot and tighten until hand-tight, either with your hand or the filter wrench. Remove the drain tube and reattach the underguard.
  9. Move back to the fuel filters. Make sure to take a small amount of fuel and lubricate the seals of the filters. Once you’re ready, attach the fresh filter at its contact spot and tighten it until hand-tight. Repeat this for the other fuel filter.
  10. Open the cap around the air filter and gently remove it, trying to avoid lodging any dust loose from the filter. Place the new air filter and reattach the cap, making sure the dust cap on top faces downward.
  11. Refill the machine with fresh oil. Secure the radiator to the machine again, close the panel, and bring the cab back into the correct position.
Ready to get your machine back on the job site? Get the TL8 Maintenance Kit and get started today!
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