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A Look at Takeuchi Equipment: Your Options and Their Advantages

A Look at Takeuchi Equipment: Your Options and Their Advantages

A close-up of the Takeuchi logo on the side of a white compact track loader

A Look at Takeuchi Equipment: Your Options and Their Advantages

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In the world of heavy equipment, few names are as widely recognized as Takeuchi. The Japanese heavy equipment manufacturer got its start in 1963 and has since earned a reputation as one of the most innovative and reliable manufacturers of excavators, track loaders and wheel loaders.

In 1971, Takeuchi introduced the world’s first compact excavator. The machine’s compact design allowed contractors to use heavy equipment to carry out digging and excavation tasks in tight spaces, previously the domain of hand tools.

Then, in 1986, Takeuchi changed the game once more by introducing the very first compact rubber track loader. The compact track loader (CTL) improved upon the wheeled skid loader by incorporating tracks, providing greatly improved operability in muddy and harsh conditions.

Today, Takeuchi operates globally, providing heavy equipment to firms around the world. They are well-regarded for their commitment to quality engineering and pragmatic design principles. Let’s take a look at the types of Takeuchi equipment being used on modern construction sites across the globe.

Types of Takeuchi Equipment

Takeuchi’s lineup of compact heavy equipment comprises track loaders, excavators, wheel loaders and attachments. Within each category, Takeuchi offers a range of sizes, engine types, and designs, making it easy to find the right machine for any task.

Track Loaders

Takeuchi's range of track loaders features a broad range of capabilities and power options to meet operational needs in construction, landscaping and other industries.

The TL6R is the entry-level model, perfect for maneuvering in tight spaces with a decent lift and a 65.2 horsepower engine. The next in line, the TL8R2, offers more muscle with a 74.3 horsepower engine and a lift height over 10 feet, designed for a mix of power and compactness. 

Advancing further, the TL10V2 steps up the game with a 74.3 horsepower engine and enhanced lift, targeting tasks that demand greater reach and lifting capabilities. 

For heavy-duty operations, the TL12R2 presents a significant increase in power with a 111.3 horsepower engine, supporting its higher lift and load capacity. 

Topping the range, the TL12V2 stands out as a powerhouse among its peers, with unmatched lifting prowess, suitable for the most demanding conditions where size and strength are paramount.


Takeuchi's expansive lineup of 18 excavators features a wide variety of excavators, each tailored to particular operational requirements. 

The smallest excavator in the lineup is the compact TB210R, with an engine horsepower of 11.7 and a maximum digging depth of nearly six feet. It’s suitable for smaller projects and confined spaces.

Further up in the range, the TB216 and its hybrid counterpart TB216H offer slightly more power and digging depth for general tasks.

The mid-range models, including the TB225, TB230, and TB235-2, offer increased horsepower and digging depth, making them versatile for a wider array of tasks, with the TB235-2 achieving over 10 feet in digging depth.

The TB240 to TB260 models step up the power and reach significantly, with horsepower ratings nearing 50 and digging depths surpassing 12 feet, catering to more demanding jobs. The TB257FR introduces a unique feature with its reduced tail swing design, providing greater maneuverability in tight spaces.

At the higher end, the TB370 and TB280FR boast substantial breakout forces and extended reach, making them ideal for intensive excavation work. 

The biggest machines in Takeuchi's lineup, the TB2150 and TB2150R, feature a commanding 114 horsepower engine and impressive digging depths reaching up to nearly 20 feet, designed for heavy-duty construction.

Wheel Loaders

The Takeuchi lineup of wheel loaders consists of three compact designs, each with varying degrees of power and capability.

The TW60 Series 2 is compact and nimble, featuring a universal skid steer coupler and a 61 horsepower engine, designed for a wide range of jobs and easy maintenance. 

The slightly larger TW80 Series 3 increases power to 73 horsepower and offers an enhanced operator's station for visibility, making it ideal for precise control in tight spaces and sensitive surfaces.

The largest of the trio, the TW95, pushes performance further with a 114 horsepower engine and a spacious cabin that boasts advanced controls and comfort. It's equipped for high-speed travel up to 24.8 mph, and its hydrostatic drive provides dynamic braking for efficient load and carry operations. 


In addition to manufacturing compact heavy equipment, Takeuchi also makes some incredible attachments for use with their machines.

These attachments come with standard features that make them easy to use with Takeuchi machines, such as bolt-on cutting edges and heavy-duty cylinders, ensuring compatibility. Precision hoses with pressure-ready couplers simplify hydraulic connections, enhancing efficiency and ease of use. 

Maintenance for Takeuchi Machines

Like all heavy equipment, Takeuchi's track loaders, excavators and wheel loaders demand routine maintenance to ensure peak performance. Common tasks include checking fluid levels, replacing filters, and inspecting undercarriages for wear. 

To facilitate these tasks, EquipmentShare’s extensive Takeuchi Parts Catalog is an invaluable resource, offering easy access to replacement parts. 

Due to the brand’s popularity, it’s relatively easy to find service technicians who are familiar with Takeuchi machines. Replacement parts can typically be located without much hassle. This makes Takeuchi a great choice for contractors since you can spend less time worrying about maintenance and more time using the equipment on the job.

In addition, many Takeuchi machines are equipped with diagnostic systems that provide alerts for fuel levels, filter conditions and engine performance, simplifying troubleshooting and preemptive care. These intelligent features, combined with regular maintenance checks, ensure that Takeuchi equipment operates at peak efficiency and retains its value over time. 

Final Thoughts

In the construction industry, Takeuchi has earned its name as a robust and reliable compact heavy equipment manufacturer. From versatile track loaders to excavators, wheel loaders and even attachments, Takeuchi equipment can help your team meet a wide array of construction demands.

For maintenance and repairs, the EquipmentShare Shop is your one-stop source for OEM Takeuchi parts, easily navigable through machine-specific collection pages. Need help finding the exact Takeuchi part for your equipment? Contact our parts experts and get personalized assistance.

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