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Takeuchi Lower Radiator Hose (TB235) 0374019840

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Takeuchi lower radiator hose 374019840 is the OEM replacement hose for Takeuchi's TB235 compact excavators. 


Keep your Takeuchi compact and mini equipment in excellent condition with preventive maintenance. Radiator hoses are part of the engine's cooling system, cycling coolant to the radiator and preventing overheating. Inspect radiator hoses regularly, checking for cracks or other signs of damage.  Replace radiator hoses as needed and when recommended by the manufacturer. 


Browse replacement parts for your Takeuchi machines, including radiator hoses, oil filters, cooling fans, air filters and more. Search our Takeuchi parts catalog and order online at 

Part Specs

Part no.374019840
Weight1.0 lb.

This product is being sold "As is."