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Takeuchi Connector Bushing 0007213010

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The Takeuchi Bushing 7213010 is designed to reduce the friction within your machine. It has a weight of 0.5 lbs. It is built with tough and reliable materials to provide a secure connection–shortening your machine’s downtime and reducing delays on your worksite.

Machine Compatibility
Make Model
Takeuchi TB025, TB035, TB070, TB1140, TB1140, TB145, TB153FR, TB153FR, TB175, TB180FR, TB180FR, TB2150, TB230, TB235-2, TB240, TB250, TB250-2, TB257FR, TB260, TB280FR, TB285, TB290, TB335R, TB350R, TB370, TB53FR, TL10, TL10V2, TL12, TL126, TL12R2, TL12V2, TL140, TL150, TL230, TL240, TL26, TL6R, TL8

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