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Wacker Neuson Roller Bearing 5000082961

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The Wacker Neuson Bearing 5000082961 is designed to minimize the vibration and rough movement of the inside of the machine. Its weight is 3.5 lbs. Its durable materials allow the Bearing to withstand the extreme construction environment. Making it the perfect choice for your machine.

Machine Compatibility
Make Model
Wacker Neuson RTKx-SC3, RTK82-SC3, RT82-SC, RTx-SC2, RTx-SC2 EU , RT56-SC, RT56-SC2, RT82-SC2, RTLx-SC3, RTL82-SC3, RT82-SC2 EU, RT820, RT560, RT820HT, RT56-SC2 EU, RTx-SC2 EU, RTSC3

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