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Takeuchi TL10 DIY Filter Change

Takeuchi TL10 DIY Filter Change

Today, Robert and Buddy will show you how to fully service a Takeuchi TL10 track loader.

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Step-by-Step Process

  1. Remove the back of the track loader and open the radiator.
  2. Remove the paneling over the oil drain and attach your tube. Allow all oil to drain from the machine. Reattach the panel.
  3. Remove the lid to the air filter compartment, pull out the used filter and replace it with the new one.
  4. Move to the front of the cab. Unscrew the bolts and lift it open.
  5. Locate your two fuel filters and oil filter. Remove the fuel filter in the center first, then the oil filter behind it.
  6. Attach the new oil filter first, then attach the fuel filter.
  7. Remove the final fuel filter with a filter wrench. Replace it with the new filter.
  8. Lower the cab and return to the back of the track loader.
  9. Locate your oil valve and refill the oil tank to the specifications listed in the owner’s manual.
  10. Reattach the bolts to the radiator and cab to fasten them closed.
  11. Turn the key in the ignition without starting the TL10 to allow fuel to move through the pump. After pumping for a few moments, turn your machine off. Your service is complete!

Prepare the Machine

Move to the back of the track loader and open the grate. Remove the 19-millimeter bolts and swing the radiator open. Although it’s not necessary, we recommend loosening the radiator hose slightly. This reduces the tension on the hose and allows you to fully open the radiator.

Drain the Oil

Find a small, round panel secured by two 17-millimeter bolts on the undercarriage. Remove the bolts to access the oil drain. In order to keep track of all your bolts, our technician recommends you screw them back into their holes after removing any paneling. Attach your oil drain tube and allow your machine’s oil to completely drain. Typically, this process takes about 45 minutes, but Buddy uses a longer tube to minimize oil spillage and shorten the process. Before continuing, check that the oil tank is empty. Then, remove the drain tube and reattach the panel to the undercarriage.

Change Your Air Filter

Return to the rear of your TL10 and find your air filter – located just above the radiator. Remove the cap to the container and gently pull out the outer air filter. Secure the new air filter into place by pushing it until snug and reattach the cap of the compartment. Go ahead and reattach the radiator with the 19 millimeter bolts.

Open the Cab

Now, move to the front of the track loader and prepare to open the cab. First and foremost, you will need to find and remove the safety pin. You’ll find two 15/16 millimeter bolts, which you can remove with a ratchet. Lift up the cab, then put the safety pin back in place to keep it secure.

Change the Fuel and Oil Filters

For a smoother and easier filter change process, you should lubricate your new filters with oil (or fuel, depending on the filter), especially the gaskets. Not only does this help at the moment, but it makes removing the filter easier on your next filter change.

The three filters are clustered together, so they should be easy to spot. You can change them in any order, using a filter wrench or filter removal tool. However, Buddy removes the fuel filter in the center first. This gives him better access to the oil filter in the back, which he removes next.

With both removed, take your new oil filter and screw it into place until it is hand-tight. Once there, tighten it an additional quarter turn to fully secure it. Repeat this process with the fuel filter.

All that should be left is the largest fuel filter, located at the front of the group. Use your filter wrench to loosen it. Put the new filter in its place and screw it hand-tight, giving it another quarter turn to fasten it in place.

Fill the Oil Tank

Return to the back of the machine and begin filling the tank with oil. The amount in quarts the TL10 needs is found in its owner’s manual, but if you’re unsure, you can always use your dipstick to track. Only fill your oil tank to 75% full.

Reassemble The TL10

Close the door at the rear of the machine and push it closed. Once that’s complete, reattach the cab. Start by removing the safety pin and lowering the cab into place. Reattach the 15/16 millimeter bolts to their rightful place and put the safety pin back into its slot.

Start Up Your Machine

Your service of the Takeuchi TL10 is complete, but you’re not finished yet. Since the fuel filter has been replaced, you should check that the fuel pump is running properly. Turn the key in the ignition, but do not fully start the track loader. Wait and listen for the sound of the fuel pump working and allow it to run for a few moments. Turn it off, then back on again. Once fully turned on, you should be able to monitor your fuel levels, engine temperature and more on the display in the cab.

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